Recipes birthed in the kitchen of a small town home in Tennessee, Angela Sauer founded the roots of Healthy Body Bakery. During her training for the Miss Tennessee Bodybuilding Competition she developed an undeniable craving for sweets. This of course was bad news as she needed to be in the topmost physique of her life. Angela, accompanied by her daughter Kelsey (duo sound health advocates) researched ways in which to fulfill these sugar cravings yet remain fit & balanced. 

She began introducing Ancient Grains, also known as Heirloom Grains into her recipes. Grains such as Buckwheat, Millet, and Quinoa became the nutritional building blocks for her baking items. Raw sugars such as honey, molasses, and demerara sugar along with All-Natural Fats (i.e. coconute oil, olive oil) helped complete these sweet yet wholesome foods. Alchemizing these ingredients together Angela created the original baked goods of Healthy Body Bakery.  These food items are what helped keep the energy high in her training which ultimately lead to her indisputable win of Miss Tennessee.



Word spread throughout Nashville & Middle Tennessee of her cooking and bakery items.

Within 5 years Angela’s culinary skills and baking techniques were enriched through the growing request to create unique baked goods for individuals and interested parties. Bakery items such as the Banana Plum & Date Cake, the original Carrot Cake, and Black Chocolate Muffins became staples of Healthy Body Bakery.

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Flash forward two more years and we find that Healthy Body Bakery is continuing to flourish. However, it wasn’t until the Spring of 2015 in which Healthy Body Bakery met its ultimate vision. Angela and Kelsey had set out to hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail with the goal of surpassing the previously held Mother-Daughter hiking record. It was during these exact times of nature inspired, earth calming moments that the two came to conceive Healthy Body Bakery as an established company.



Upcoming work

Healthy Body Bakery begins its next journey right here through this very website. We plan to keep you informed of the latest signature baked goods being cooked up in the kitchen. In the near future a detailed menu will showcase the diverse cooking dishes. Plans are being made to launch an Online Ordering system so we can begin delivering baked goods straight to you!